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For more information on the VIVA Symposium or Late Breaking Clinical Trials, contact:

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Press Policies

Communications Policies for Press and Industry

Press Room and Press Conference Policy
Only members of the media with an approved press badge will have access to press conferences and the Press Room during hours of operation.

Public relations and industry executives and representatives will not have access to the Press Room and are prohibited from soliciting media in or around the Press Room. They may, however, call upon the Press Room staff to help them facilitate media requests.

Company or product literature, statements, or news releases may not be distributed in the adjacent hallways and areas around the press conference and Press Room.

Only pre-approved media materials may be made available in the press area.

Press releases must mention VIVA Physicians and/or VIVA 17 in order to have them placed in the press area (see News Release Policy.)

VIVA 17 Press Conferences
VIVA will conduct press conferences on Monday and Tuesday, featuring abbreviated presentations of the trials that will be presented during the general session the following day.  Presenters will have five minutes to present result highlights, followed by five minutes of questions from the press.

A full schedule of the press conference, and presentations can be found on the VIVA Virtual Press Room.

Embargo Policy
Late-Breaking Clinical Trials
VIVA embargoes information presented as a late-breaking clinical trial from becoming public until after the commencement of the Late Breaking Clinical Trial Session in the General Session as listed in the VIVA 17 Program or on the official VIVA 17 website. No publication, exhibitor or affiliated company may disseminate information until after the commencement of the Late Breaking Clinical Trial session in which it is presented.  All embargo times are listed in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Social Media Policy
VIVA Physicians, Inc. (VPI) accepts comments and discussions via our social media outlets related to vascular education. VPI does not solicit nor endorse any comment which may be posted, and comments, likes, or follows do not express the opinion or views of VPI. VPI will remove any information, discussion, comment, and material that we deem to be inappropriate and/or which violates our policy to protect patient identities. All commentary with a promotional purpose for a service, device, or technology will be removed immediately. VPI assumes no liability for information posted or presented by others and only endorses comments and postings provided directly by VPI.

News Release Policy
Industry may display news releases in the press area provided they adhere to the following policy:

  • Only companies exhibiting or presenting research at VIVA 17 may display materials in the press area. All press materials must relate directly to the meeting. VIVA reserves the right to prohibit and/or discard materials deemed scientifically misleading, ethically questionable, or irrelevant to the meeting.
  • All news releases must abide by VIVA’s embargo policy and should not be displayed, or released in the press area prior to the embargo date and time.
  • Releases must reference the VIVA Physicians, or VIVA 17 in the body of the release, preferably in the first paragraph. Suggested language is provided below.
  • A copy of the press release, or draft press release, must be submitted in advance for review and approval. For advance approval on press releases, please email the press release to the contact below. News releases will be held in the strictest confidence.

VIVA Press Office Contact:
 Susan Holtzman P: 305-975-5293,

Suggested Language to be included in first paragraph
…….presented at Vascular InterVentional Advances (VIVA), the premier global, multidisciplinary course for vascular intervention and medicine, providing excellence in professional education for all specialties and stakeholders who treat the vascular patient.

Language for VIVA Physicians (Optional use)
VIVA Physicians strive to be the premier educators in the field of vascular medicine and intervention. Our team of specialists is driven by the passion to advance the field of vascular medicine with a spirit of collegiality, by synergizing their collective talents to promote awareness and innovative therapeutic options for vascular disease worldwide.  To learn more about VIVA Physicians, visit

These policies were last updated June 19, 2017, and are subject to change. Please check with the VIVA Press Office for further updates.